Revista Psihologie nr. 1-2, 2018


Cebotar Stanislav. Theoretical study of young infractors personality that commited crimes against the patrimoni

Guțu Teodor, Mîșlițchi Valentina. Relationship between emotional intelligence and aggressive behavior of young drivers in traffic

Cerlat Raisa. The formative approach of optimizing the emotional stability of teachers

Șleahtițchi Mihai. Prototypicality and categoryality in study of social representations

Secrieru Luminiţa. Le mot «liberté» et soumission à une requête dans des pays differents

Gavriliță Lucia. The relevance of psychological group suport in the context of the intervention trough “group movie therapy”

Dadashova Shafag. Motives in women’s autobiographies approach

Palchynska Mariana. The relationship between the level of development of visual-effective thinking and communication at preschool children with Down syndrome

Bondarevici Svetlana Mihai. Methodological aspects of optimization of the diagnostic process: an integral parameter of blood in the early diagnosis of psychosomatic disorders of a person

Gonța Victoria, The conception and the model of formation doctor’s thinking